Melimed bend Overview

MeliMed Bend is an absorbable membrane made with MXTECH and indicated for use in veterinary wound care and dental grafting procedures. Bend helps to maintain a moist wound environment and protects the wound which supports the healing of soft tissue. Bend resorbs in 4-10 weeks as the membrane incorporates into surrounding tissue. MeliMed Bend is available for sale for veterinary use only.


  • Management of wounds including: ulcers, abrasions, surface wounds, surgical sites, donor sites and traumatic wounds

  • Dental grafting procedures including: guided tissue regeneration


  • Proven biocompatibility to support tissue regeneration

  • Highly conformable for easy and fast placement

  • Resorbable with no need to remove

  • Easily trimmable for different shapes and sizes

  • Proven safe and effective

Ordering information

To learn more and place an order for MeliMed Bend, call us 1-833-MeliMed or send us an email at